A whole day celebration of vinyl and music!
On April 11, 2015. 3PM
at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre.

Third time's the charm.

For the vinyl enthusiasts, crate diggers, concert goers, and all you music lovers whether young or young at heart come together to celebrate another Satchmi Vinyl Day in partnership with Jam88.3 and ETC!

Now back on its third year in a row, you can expect a lot more local acts, a thousand more records, the perfected Motorino Mk II since its creation over a year ago, and even more from Satchmi’s new products that have become part of their new store.

This year will be a little bit different. Vinyl Day 2013 was the start of something new, the beginning of a new tradition. Vinyl Day 2014 launched our Motorino Mk II and the announcement of our first Satchmi Store.

With the first two being all about the genuine interest of bringing back vinyl into our community, this year is all about celebrating what Satchmi has always stood for: love for the good old days and reaching out to our exponentially growing community since Day 1.

How will this be different, you ask?

Vinyl Discounts
40% Off on Indie Records!
20% Off on New Records!
30% Off on Vintage Records!
20% Off on Motorinos
Live Music!!!

As always,

After all, third time is the charm.
See you at the Bonifacio High Street Amphitheatre
April 11, 2015. 3PM Sharp!

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