It's worth the wait.

The first time

You see for the first time, the gleaming black sheen beckoning you to come closer. It's the new Satchmi Motorino Mk II. The temptation is overwhelming.

Looking so Fine

Sleek and seductive, dark and mysterious. You wrap your hands around its minute yet firm frame. The plinth hisses with heat as you lift the light, delicate body. You imagine whisking it away somewhere more private.

Your hands release the metal clasp. The exquisite body leaves you spellbound.

Every part of it is astounding.

Before you take it for a spin, you inspect the Motorino Mk. II and notice how every single part is hand crafted— down to the moving magnet cartridge.

Your complexity gets me

You place a vinyl record on the smoky platter. With a push of a button, the record spins. Your fingers lift the long, slender arm. It's electric — a touch that makes your whole body shiver.

You feel a chill in your spine as the thrumming baseline and radiates through you. The rich, velvety crooning wraps around your ears. It's unlike any sound you've ever heard before, unlike anything you've ever felt. A cool new thrill.

The Motorino takes its time with each track, slowly but surely unraveling every delectable part. It leaves you gasping for more.

And it was love

A hunger blossoms in your chest. You've got to have it.

The Motorino Mk. II

The first time

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